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Neighborhood Secret – Tape 9 – Dream Boy (Mr Barrett and his son Marcus)

I had always been told that being my age, my hormones would be completely out of control. The fact that these hormones have led me to having a full-on affair with my dad is proof of just how out of control they can get.

Weirder though, it all felt so natural, so… seamless. Even though Dad has been more than willing to join me on this journey, I was never quite sure how to approach him when I was hungry for him. Which seemed to be always.

On this particular night, I really needed him. Even if he couldn’t give me my usual meal, maybe a little snack? Even cuddling would suffice.

I went in completely naked and asked if I could join him in bed. There was no question my body was open and eager. He was more than happy to see me and he got the hint.

I got in bed with him and immediately he spooned and held me. A million thoughts raced in my mind. Right now, particularly as he held me in his arms, I wondered if he knew just how sexy he is. He’s very confident, though,which made him all the sexier.

As we cuddled, his hands began to roam. I was already at half-mast when I walked in, barely containing it as I crawled into his bed. But now, my cock was fully engorged, and the second I felt his hands move down my waist, I was throbbing.

Better still, I could feel his cock pressing up against me. He moved the blanket off of us, and I turned over to present my full self. He kissed my chest, and smelled me as his hand moved down to my rigid meat. Even before he could touch it, it bounced up and down.

He kissed me softly, breathing me in. After teasing my lips with his own lips a bit, we both slipped our tongues into each other’s mouths as he continued to play with my stiff dick. He whispered in my ear, breathing heavily as I whimpered in pleasure. We continued to kiss as I writhed from the sensation of his strokes. His fingers made their way down my balls to my taint and then my hole. That nearly made me yelp!

Dad made his way down to my cock and took it in his mouth like a lollipop. It was so hot watching him savor the taste of my meat the same way I do with his; it was such an immense turn on. Soon enough though, he flipped my leg over, and was ready to go after his real goal: my horny hole.

He started off light, lapping at it lightly, getting small nibbles. Soon enough, though, I could feel his bristly beard lightly scratch my cheeks as he plunged his tongue deep into my hungry pucker, making my moans get even louder. I could feel my hips jut back into his face as he made out deeply with my hole. He even made his way back up to my balls and sucked on each one as he stroked my cock.

He pushed my hips down and slid his middle finger right into my hole. He leaned back and grabbed at his stiff cock as he continued to rub my p-spot.

He turned me back over and swallowed my cock again. He then had me sit on his beautiful, furry chest so he could suck me off while also playing with my butt and hole. I took my entire ball sack and let him lap at them.

He turned me back over again, and went back to slobbering all over my knob as he finger-fucked. I could feel my balls tighten as he filled his own face with my cock. I writhed and moaned uncontrollably as he brought me to the edge.

Before I knew it, I blasted into his mouth. With a sexy smirk on his face, he came up to my face and kissed me. This may not have been the ultimate “meal” I wanted, but it will certainly keep me happy until next time!


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