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MissionaryBoys – Elder Rim – Temple Worship with President Lee

“I’ve heard all about you,” President Lee says to Elder Rim as he inspects the boy’s young body. Indeed, Rim’s reputationhas preceded him, and in this case, it is a good thing. Everyone has been talking about how thick his cock is as well as his immense topping skills. The boy is a phenom, able to turn even the most skeptical of priests into believers with his sexual abilities. All he needs to do is take off his shirt and flash his beautiful eyes for them to fall head over heels for him.

President Lee, however, is not so easily impressed. He has seen many incredible young boys come and go in his days at the mission, and has developed high standards as a result. For a boy to shine, he must be impeccable in every way. Good looks, fat cock, and a willingness to serve. This combination is rare, but when it finds its way into a single missionary, magic happens. There is nothing quite like running into a boy who has it all, and as President Lee looks over Elder Rim, he thinks he may have stumbled upon one.

Rim certainly has the looks, and President Lee remarks on it. “Beautiful boy,” he calls the young missionary before coming onto him. Immediately, he finds his eyes fixated on Rim’s package. He runs his hands over the boy’s body and then reaches into the back flap of his undergarments to explore his ass. He feels around, touching Rim’s hole and getting his cock hard. This is all preparation for the big reveal. Once Rim takes out his dick, President Lee will be able to judge whether he passes the second part of the test.

As he fishes Rim’s snake from his underwear, Lee is filled with joy. He sees that Rim has the girth and length to satisfy even the most size-conscious priest. He wraps his fingers around the boy’s cock and gets onto his knees before putting his lips on it. He savors the taste of Rim’s shaft, feeling his own cock engorge and become erect. He sucks the boy’s penis and determines that he certainly has at least two of the elements that make the perfect missionary boy. It is impressive, but the most important element of the perfect missionary boy is his ability to serve. Lee wants to see if Rim can live up to his standards.

As Lee sucks the boy’s cock, he makes his way onto the couch and lets his own penis slide between Rim’s lips. The boy slobbers up and down Lee’s thick cock, letting the spit coat his shaft and balls as he works enthusiastically. There is no inhibition in Rim’s cocksucking, and Lee can feel it. By the time Rim leans back onto Lee’s face, letting him lick his asshole before continuing the sixty-nine action, Lee can’t believe it. The rumors are all true after all. Rim has every asset valuable to a missionary boy. He is bound to be one of The Order’s most prized members.

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