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Men of Montreal – Alec Leduc & Keylan O’Connor – A Poolside Fuck

Montreal’s summer of 2012 was a hot, very sunny and often muggy one. So, the Men of Montréal team decided to pack up the equipment, head out of the city and take advantage of the beautiful countryside only minutes away from downtown.

After his solo with us, Alec Leduc was now poised to get into full-on man-to-man sex. During his solo, Alec told us he considers himself bi, but his experiences with guys were pretty limited until now. So this was his first time fucking a man. For the occasion, he would be teamed with Keylan O’Connor. Keylan is a 21 y.o. smaller guy of mixed Caucasian and Asian descent and has been doing porn for about a year.

He was eager to initiate Alec, as he was really turned on by his luscious lips and tall stature.To take the bite out of the heat, we provided the guys with a poolside plunge and then got things going. While Alec was quite comfortable doing his solo, it was obvious that this scene was making him more nervous. He seemed hesitant at times, not quite sure what to do next.

His cock sucking technique was a bit awkward, but he was more than willing to learn. He definitely seemed more at ease when it came time to fuck Keylan.The guys were quiet most of the time, making it harder for us to tell if they were enjoying themselves. Alec’s constantly hard cock and Keylan’s facial expressions, however, were much better indicators of their eagerness than any moans and groans.

Alec shot a nice load and Keylan was most eager to give it a taste.Marko Lebeau met the guys after their scene and was glad to see that they both were willing to go at it again.

Keylan admitted being keen on Alec’s lips while Alec was drawn to Keylan’s ass.The bugs also had a field day, sucking and leaving their mark on each one of the boy’s bodies…