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Meat on the menu

Meat on the menu

Nick Jarett’s gonna get a beer, but Trey Richards has something that can really quench the boy’s thirst. Dropping to his knees, Nick gets a nice big fat cock in his face. Hearing that “meat’s” are being served, Drake Corrigan joins the BackRoomFuckers.com feast. After lots of serious rub and suck, Nick offers up a “bun” for Trey’s cock.

“Oh yeah, fuck my hole,” groans Nick; taking it all in while Drake “encourages” the action. Once they move to the floor, the bottom is spit-roasted, serving up a fine time. Trey has his fill and “flavors” up Nick’s face. Drake helps clean up the boy and then downs Nick’s load. For the final “blast,” Drake explodes all over his torso and Nick’s neck and face.


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