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Martin Jakes and Alexandr Jander – Screen Test RAW – FULL CONTACT

Martin Jakes is due for a screentest. He is partnered with Alexandr Jander who sits on the bed with him and asks some questions. Things move quickly and they two of them begin to kiss. Then Martin’s tee shirt is removed and Alexandr leans over to kiss the bare chest. He opens Martin’s jeans too, kissing more. The jeans are removed, and so is Martin’s underwear.

Alexander starts to suck on Martin’s cock and his balls too. Martin lays back and enjoys the feeling of hot mouth on his cock. Then Alexander takes off his own tee shirt and goes back to sucking on Martin’s cock. He licks up and down the shaft and sucks on the swelling dick. Then he pulls his own hard cock out too and Martin takes hold of it, giving it a few tugs.

Alexandr gets fully naked and Martin starts sucking him. That big cock fills Martin’s mouth as he feels Alexandr’s hand pulling his head onto the dick. Martin sucks the big cock and licks the balls too. Alexandr lays down to enjoy the hot mouth on his cock. He fucks his cock into Martin’s mouth for a while. Ten Alexandr turns over, onto his knees, and presents his ass. Martin positions himself and slides his cock into the waiting ass hole.

His hips thrust as he fucks his dick deep into Alexandr’s ass. Alexandr wanks himself as Martin Jakes fucks him deep. Martin holds onto Alexandr’s hips as his cock thrusts into the eager hole. Then Alexandr turns over and raises his legs to get more fucking. He wanks himself as Martin’s cock fills his hot hole.

Alexandr wanks hard and fast and soon dumps his hot cum. Martin continues to fuck as they spoon too. Then he lays on his back and wanks himself until he cums too. Alexandr sucks on the cock again to complete a very good screentest.

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