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Leo Lombar and Pavel Sora – Body Worship – SOFT DUOS

Pavel Sora and Leo Lombar arrive to do some training. Both of them have great bodies and they show them off as they strip to their underwear. Their muscles ripple as they do some stretching and help each other as they do so. They each flex biceps too impressing with the size of the muscles. Then Leo picks up the weights and starts to work those muscles with Pavel watching on.

They swap places so that Pavel can work his biceps too. They then flex again to impress each other and Pavel reaches out to feel Leo’s biceps. Leo lifts the weights again to continue to work out, then he makes way for Pavel to do the same. As Pavel uses the weight Leo reaches to feel his biceps. Then they decide to put some oil on those hot bodies. Pavel decides they should be naked too and takes off his underwear as Leo rubs oil onto his massive chest. Leo rubs the oil over the chest and works down to rub it over the cock and balls too. He takes his time rubbing and pulling on that cock before oiling the torso some more.

Then Pavel Sora turns around so that Leo can oil his back as well. The hand runs all over the back and down onto the sexy ass too. That shapely ass glistens as it is coated in oil. Then Leo kneels to oil the legs too. Then it is his turn and Pavel rubs the oil al over Leo’s chest. That hot body looks so good as Leo stands to be oiled. Pavel oils the cock and balls too grabbing the dick in his hand as he rubs it. Then Leo turns around and that awesome ass is displayed as Pavel oils the back and down to the cheeks. Before he can do the legs as well things take a hot turn. Leo turns and they start to kiss each other and run hands over the hot bodies. Leo kisses Pavel’s chest and works his way down to his cock. He takes that stiffening cock into his mouth and sucks on it as Pavel rubs his own chest.

The dick grows as it is sucked and wanked and Leo licks the balls too. Leo’s handsome face looks so good as his mouth slides back and forth on the cock. Then they kiss again and Pavel drops to his knees. There he encounters Leo’s rock hard cock which he quickly takes into his mouth. He sucks on that dick as Leo reaches to rub his shoulders. Then Pavel sits and lays back on the bench with his legs up,making his tight hole available. Leo knows what it needs and soon has a finger in that tight hole fucking hard as Pavel wanks himself. Having given that hole a good workout they stand facing each other as they wank.

That quickly results in Leo shooting his cum onto the bench. He milks his cock dry as Pavel keeps wanking. He moans loudly as his cock unloads the creamy jizz onto the bench too. Then they go off to the shower to clean up.

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