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Jawked – Roughhouse Relations – Maxim Bikhov x Tom Malone

Maxim Bikhov is a stereotypical jock, according to his step brother Tom Malone in this Jawked video. We know what this usually means and it’s no surprise to us that the handsome and fit young muscle guy gets a little carried away when he senses an opportunity to get some ass for that big uncut cock.

A little playfulness soon leads to the two wrestling on the bed and while Tom would be no match for his stronger bro he doesn’t need to worry about him getting rough with him, at least not in regard to roughhousing on the bed.

With a little smooch and the growing bulge in his shorts pressing up against Tom’s cock he knows what’s coming, and he’s not at all reluctant to help his jock brother explore things.

It seems Maxim Bikhov has already done plenty of exploring before this, as soon Tom’s cock is out he’s sucking on the uncut boner and his own bigger dick is throbbing to full hardness, ready for his bro to slurp in return.

It seems Maxim has been sharing some of those special wrestling moves with his workout buddies already, he knows how to use that big bare jock dick in Tom’s little fleshy ass.

He pumps the boy deep from behind before giving the twink a ride on his meat and thrusting into him with Tom on his back, hitting that sweet spot with skill until both those stiff young dicks are ready to start slinging that hot milky juice all over Tom’s body.

They might be different in build and hobbies, but these brothers have a whole lot in common when it comes to enjoying their cocks.

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