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Hunger, Editor’s Cut – Robbie Rojo and Xavi Duran

Sometimes eating at home alone is much more satisfying than eating out, especially when you have a private chef and a butler at your beck and call.

From a distance, what seems like a civilized dinner for Xavi Duran is actually a sleazy play session. Robbie knows his master’s strong sexual hunger for boy-next-door-looking and submissive male “help”. And as Xavi finishes his last sip, he is already receiving his dessert under the table in the form of young Robbie Rojo sucking on his meaty cock.

Xavi’s butler goes beyond the call of duty to serve his master. And the more Xavi makes Robbie gag on his cock, the more he eagerly continues to satisfy his boss.

Xavi pushes Robbie down on the table in front of him to reveal his suited ass, the trouser material stretched tightly across Robbie’s butt. Xavi prods and teases Robbie’s hole through the trousers before pulling them down to eat out on Robbie’s ass before pounding him deep.


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