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HelixStudios – Introducing Micah West – Andy Taylor & Micah West

Micha West is a tall, quiet, panky 18 year old dude that drives a tow Rick in Charlottesville Virginia. This is his first ever fuck flick and we’ve paired him with the perfect porn pro to make him feel comfortable & bring him out of his shell.

Andy Taylor keeps a raunchy round of rapid, quick fire questions pummeling the dirty blond before the feed as we like to get to know our guys before gwttin’ down to the nitty gritty. Taylor get the normally quiet guy sharing and we learn West loves blond twinks, rough sex AND he’s a top! As soon a Taylor hears that, he grabs the guy’s hand and heads for the hills to make some humpy, horny, hard banging magic!

Andy’s intuition about white hot West was right as the sultry voiced sexy boy cums alive with a ravenous, rugged country boy quality and has ALL of us standing at attention. Andy reaches for the appendage bulging through the dude’s denim. He drops to his knees, cumming face to face with the fat nine incher before taking a breath and swallowing every big, beautiful inch of the newbie’s bone.

He slurps, gags and gobbles the girthy groin the like twink porn god he is then, slaps himself in the face with the fat phallus just to keep himself good and grounded. Micah West picks up his prick sucker, tosses him on the bed then shows us how a wild tow truck driving country boy sucks cock! After tantalizing Taylor’s front, West wets his whistle on the brunette’s smooth bubble butt. Andy arches his bronze back so Michah can munch butt deep before pulling his prey to the edge of the bed and serving him a heaping helping of bareback cock balls deep with the first thrust.

Micah West wasn’t fucking around when he said he likes it rough, this country cock slinger fucks like a man in control who knows what he wants. The dirty blond top tears into Taylor’s ass, slamming the slut’s butt with hard hitting strokes while keeping him in control with a hand to the throat at times. Andy enjoys being manhandled and hasn’t stopped stroking his schlong once!

With his legs in the air and West wailing wang inside him, Taylor tightens his grip on his groin then shoots an EPIC load that splatters him right in that beautiful face of his! The sight is pure porn poetry in motion and sends Micah West and his meat into orgasmic overdrive.

The lanky lad lays on the bed and Andy plants his pretty face right in the line of fire. West splatters sperm like a spitting sprinkler, covering all the places on Andy’s mug his appendage didn’t already take care of.