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GrabAss – Fuck that intern from Tech

It’s always been an unofficial rivalry in the office. Nearly everyone working here went to State college, except for the boss, he went to tech. Since he says who gets hired around here, he brings in a lot of interns from tech.

Most of them are ok and understand it just some good nature, albeit juvenile, hazing we engage in around here. The new intern, Jamie, he’s a bitch, though. Our boss likes to push the boundaries with us by showing gay porn at work or having an employee suck a dildo. We lock one intern in a closet and now he’s complaining about harassment and bullying?

Who’s idea was it to sing Christmas carols without pants again? Who wanted naked tug of war? Who wanted bobbing for dildos? Naked trust falls? We’re the one creating a problem here? Seriously? I felt really bad when Jamie had to “apologize” to the intern.

Most apologies I’ve seen didn’t end with a cock in my ass. Anyone accepting resumes?

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