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GayCest – OUR FAMILY BONDS – Tape 5 – Breeding My Boy Jay (with Grandpa Ballard)

I was quite surprised when Grandpa Ballard invited me for a weekend away. He said it would be just the two of us and, if I’m honest, I found the idea fairly horrifying. I didn’t actually think he liked me that much. At family parties he was always way too busy gassing with my cousin Danny to come and ask me anything about what I was up to. When I aced my exams and got into a top university, he didn’t even send a card. Grandpa Ballard was always quite a stern guy who came across as a bit cold and aloof… except, of course, where Danny was concerned. But, when the invitation came, my Dad said it would be rude not to go, so off I went… To cut a long story short, he booked us into these log cabins in some boring old forest miles up-state. It took hours to get there and the conversation during the journey was polite at best.

We arrived after dark and I was utterly freaked out when we got to our room and he immediately offered to give me a massage! The whole situation suddenly seemed to be laced with some kind of sexual intent. I mean, the last time I offered to massage someone, I was definitely trying to get them into bed. But this was my Grandpa! What made it all the more confusing was that, as soon as he made the suggestion, I immediately started thinking all these entirely inappropriate thoughts which suddenly made my dick pound and throb. Minutes later, his hands were all over my body, and, well… one thing led to another and I ended up with a mouthful of his creamy spunk! It was instantly a little weird between us, and we pottered around the cabin in our fluffy white robes for the rest of the evening, talking stiltedly about everything except what we’d just done. But, I guess, after a while, the ickiness of the situation started to subside, and was slowly replaced by a return to a feeling of horniness.

He’d periodically part his legs and I’d catch a glimpse of his flaccid dick rolling over his thigh and think, “I’ve just had that in my mouth…” And every time the thought occurred to me, my dick started to stiffen again. At one stage he was lying on the bed reading something and I had the sudden urge to cuddle up next to him. He seemed quite happy with this, and took his glasses off before putting his arm protectively around me. Seconds later, he leaned in for a kiss. I don’t know why the experience felt so bizarre. I guess kissing like that – proper kissing – is about the most intimate thing it’s possible to do. Curiously, way more intimate than sucking someone’s dick! At least that’s what it felt like at that moment. He was an amazing kisser. He smelled so good. His breath was minty. He was wearing a really heady scent. I just sank into him, heart pounding, desperate to see how far we were going to go this time… I started groping his big thick dick again and it immediately stiffened in my hand. I felt an overwhelming sense of desire as I wrapped my lips around his dick again.

Somewhere at the base of his shaft, my tongue ran over a patch of dry spunk from where he’d shot earlier and that just added to the horniness. He told me to get on my back and I wondered if he wanted to fuck me. Then he fixed me with a stare which told me everything I needed to know: He wanted me and he was gonna have me. I got my fist wrapped around his dick, licked the palm of my hand, and started to jerk him. His eyes immediately rolled back in his head and he started to groan lustfully as he grabbed my legs and pushed them back. His dick was now resting between my cheeks, very close to my hole. We were staring at each other. I think we both must have looked quite shaken. It was almost as though we were daring the other to pull away, to back down, knowing the immensity of the rubicon we were about to pass. He spat on his dick again, getting it real wet before staring at me, almost as though he were asking if I was sure I wanted it.

And at that moment, that very moment, I knew we were gonna go all the way. I smiled at him and guided his cock towards my hole. Seconds later he started to push and I could feel it creeping into me – very slowly filling me up. It was, without any doubt, the most intense experience of my life. I was placing my entire trust in him. If he didn’t go real slow, he’d injure me, rip me apart… Once fully inside, he started to pump me, and my entire body was suddenly buzzing and humming. He dragged me back on the bed so that he could get a better position and I felt like a rag doll in his big strong arms. My mind started to race. I wondered how many other boys he’d been with. My cousin Danny, for sure. I wondered how I was comparing to him. At that moment, I felt helplessly inexperienced. The change of position enabled him to bang a great deal harder and faster. In fact, he took my breath away. I kept looking up at him and seeing an animal.

He was no longer my Grandpa. He was a guy whose dick had taken over. He just wanted to bone me and shoot his enormous load into me. I was there entirely for his pleasure… but it felt so darn good! I could tell he was edging. He’d go hard and fast, then take a deep breath and slow down again to prevent himself from cumming as quickly as his dick was telling him he should. He started moaning and groaning, sweat started flying from his forehead. He turned me onto my front and pushed into me again from behind, grabbing the waistband of my jock strap and thrusting into me with brutal force. He suddenly pulled out and started yelling and I could tell he was deep in orgasm. Moments later, I could feel his sticky semen dripping onto my ass cheeks. Then he was slowly pushing his dick back into my crack so that the last few squirts of his carnal pleasure could enter me. The very semen that had made my Dad was now entering his son.

The thought was exciting beyond words. It was like Grandpa Ballard was stamping his ownership on me, establishing himself as the true alpha male of the family. …And I was his. Entirely.

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