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GayCest – Family Traditiontape #7 – Mr. Fantana & His Nephew Oliveruncle Rick’s Bed

Oliver didn’t know what to do next, but Rick Fantanak was ready to take control of the situation. He pressed his cock into Oliver’s hole, feeling the slick tip of his meat begin to break into Oliver. The nephew wasn’t expecting this and he let out a little whimper of pain as his uncle pushed into his body. Quick to silence him, Uncle Rick held a hand over his mouth, trying to keep him quiet so as not to wake up the rest of the family.

After a few slow, skillful thrusts, Rick’s thick, throbbing cock was able to move with ease inside Oliver. He pumped back and forth, filling the young man with his powerful cock. He held him tightly, never breaking their closeness and intimacy. Rick remembered how Oliver loved that secure feeling and didn’t want to give him anything less.

Oliver stroked his own cock, elated and overwhelmed by having Uncle Rick so deep inside him. He’d always fantasized about wild, passionate, aggressive fucking. But here, Uncle Rick gave him something he didn’t realize he wanted: he was making gentle love to him.

Uncle Rick Fantana could feel how much Oliver wanted this, making him all the more eager to fill his nephew’s hole with cum. Oliver felt Rick build up speed until a searing hot lava-like fluid flooded his ass. It was unlike anything else. He loved every drop of it, feeling it work deep inside.

Rick Fantana pulled out, watching as his creamy white cum dripped out, giving the boy a beautiful glaze. He gave him a kiss and held him close, closing his eyes to go back to sleep. Oliver stayed in his arms, completely in love with the older man and eager to tell Austin all about it.

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