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DoggyBoys – Oiled Straight Boy John Parks Pumps Cum

Straight boy John Parks has been working out a little more lately, and it shows. It’s a good thing this boy likes to display and play on video for an audience, a body like that shouldn’t be hidden from view, and neither should his hard uncut cock. The handsome young man is soon shirtless and playing with his nipples and bulge, enticing us to come closer as his hands slide over his soft skin, his cock growing in his underwear while he teases.

He certainly knows how to pose, flexing his muscles and turning to reveal that slightly hairy butt, framed temptingly by the straps of his underwear. You can imagine him doing the same in the gym showers for an admiring audience of equally horny onlookers. With his dick demanding attention he releases the curved length into the open, the warm slippery oil pouring into his hand and ready to go to work, his slightly defined body quickly glistening while he slides his slick palms over his bare torso and down to his engorged cock.

He was already stunning to look at but the oil only makes him hotter. John is soon glowing, taking a seat to play with his gorgeous boy feet, his perfect toes and smooth soles smeared with the lubricating juice. His cock clearly loves the extended play, his helmet wet and throbbing as his pink hood of foreskin slips over the bulbous shape in his masturbating grip, his balls pulling up close while he pleasures himself lovingly, his muscles flexing as he picks up the pace and takes himself to a climactic finish.

White cream pumps from his shaft to splash into his belly button, encouraging us all to do the same with abandon. Wouldn’t you love to clean him off in the shower after an intense session like this?

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