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Dirty Scout 238

Today I got visited by yet another young man, who had no idea Dirty Scout 238 how to dress as a job applicant. I swallowed the urge to scold him and started the interview.

The guy had a lot of experience but struggled to find the right job. He needed something close to his home because his girlfriend was on maternity leave. Our man was looking for a job with a big salary as the young family required a lot of money. He was quite talkative and confident so I offered him a position as a sales representative. He agreed, mainly because of the fat paycheck.

His empty bank account didn’t like the idea of paying our mediation fee so we had to improvise a bit. The guy claimed to have a 24 centimetres long cock, I didn’t believe him but agreed to take care of the fee for a look. I could always fuck his ass hard if he lied.

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