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Corbin Fisher – ACM2685 – Jake 5

Jake is a showman, and is more than comfortable in front of the cameras. It was actually a friend of Jake’s that referred him to us – he knew Jake loves to show off in front of the cameras and is an eager exhibitionist, so knew he’d have fun rubbing one out on camera at CF.

Sometimes it takes a bit of work getting a guy to open up on camera and talk about themselves, but we didn’t have that problem with Jake! He was chatting it up at a mile a minute, and got even more talkative and energetic once the subject moved to sex. Jake’s a horndog for sure, and as he starts to strip off his clothes we find out he’s got the equipment for it. Jake has himself a big, thick dick that he enthusiastically strokes off with both hands.

The talkative, outgoing Jake doesn’t disappear as he’s jerking off, either – he makes to secret of how turned on he is and how much he’s having with his giggles and “Oh fuck!” exclamations. The load he shoots off takes all of us by surprise, as well – and takes Jake by surprise most of all! Mid-orgasm, with the cum still flying out, he apologizes for painting the couch with his load. It was all we could do to not giggle behind the cameras as much as he was in front of it. He really had himself a blast – in more ways than one!

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