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CollegeDudes – Tyler Lakes Lakes And Javier Cruz

Tyler Lakes and Javier Cruz slowly strip out of their clothes as their mouths lock together, kissing and tasting one another until Tyler makes better use of that tongue.

On his knees in front of Javier, Tyler sucks that fat uncut cock, running his wet tongue along the shaft and gagging as he tries to deepthroat it while he strokes his own hardening prick. Javier Cruz pulls Tyler to his feet so he can switch places, kneeling to take Tyler’s cock between his lips and sucking that sweet dick, feeling it hit the back of his throat as he pleasures Tyler before getting him on the bed.

Ass in the air, Tyler receives Javier’s hard dick in his tight little hole, eyes screwed tightly shut as his ass adjusts to intrusion before he relaxes and enjoys the sensation of getting fucked hard by Javier.

As Javier’s balls slap against Tyler’s taint and his ass stretches around that thick dick, Tyler plays with his own member, letting Tyler take him whatever way he likes as he gets hammered with that throbbing hard cock. When Javier Cruz gets Tyler on his back, legs spread and cock in his ass, Tyler works his own dick, yanking on it until he explodes, cum shooting across his belly and chest as Javier pulls out and strokes out a big load, leaning in for a taste of their combined cum as they both catch their breath.