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Colby Knox – Colby and Mickey Fuck Grayson Lange

In this week’s XXX video release from ColbyKnox, the boys have some unbridled, sweaty fun with sexy, tan twink Grayson Lange!!! The video starts with the boys goofing around. Mickey Knox is in the middle, expertly sucking on Grayson and Colby’s throbbing cocks. However, the boys know what is happening tonight: Grayson is going face down and ass up.

Colby Chambers bends Grayson over Mickey Knox’s body so Grayson can get a mouthful of Mickey’s meat. While this is going on, Grayson’s ass is filled with Colby’s dick. Grayson wants to take control of his filling. He sits Colby up and crouches down on him, slowly swallowing every inch of Colby’s perfect cock with his tight, supple ass. Soon Colby gets back in the driver’s seat; he lifts Grayson in the air and pummels the sexy boy’s beautiful butt. When Grayson takes a bit of a break, Colby Chambers takes the opportunity to get a little bit of dick for himself.

When Grayson returns, Colby isn’t quite ready to give up his husband’s dick. Grayson Lange straddles Mickey’s chest, making his ass available to a more than ready Colby Chambers!!! Colby happily obliges, pumping Grayson as he gets his own fill of dick from Mickey Knox. Mickey Knox eventually gets a piece of Grayson’s butt.

This is only fair after watching, and drooling, as his husband fucked the small twink for most of the evening. Lots of fun, and cum, to be had by all!!!

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