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ChaosMen – 2689 – Cliff Jenson and Jesse Stone Serviced

Cliff Jenson is BACK after taking a years-long sabbatical from performing, and we’ve paired him up with insatiable twink Jesse Stone.

The pair start out standing outside the shower and making out as they peel off each other’s clothes. Jesse kneels down before Cliff and starts throating Cliff’s hard dick.

Cliff Jenson has been missing this kind of attention, and you can tell. He grabs the back of Jesse’s head and throat-fucks him as hard and deep as he can take it. Jesse is a trooper – he gags, but that only encourages Cliff to pound his throat harder.

Jesse needs a short break, so he pulls off and sucks on Cliff’s balls. After getting Cliff’s nuts warm and loose, Cliff Jenson starts throat-fucking Jesse again. We get a great undershot of Cliff’s balls swinging as he skull-fucks Jesse.

Jesse lays on the bed with his head hanging off the edge so that Cliff can plunge-fuck his throat some more. Cliff face-fucks Jesse until he shoots his load directly into Jesse’s mouth. Jesse showcases some of Cliff’s cum for the camera, then makes sure Cliff’s cock is drained completely.

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