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ChaosMen – 2345 – Drew Foxx and Ransom Serviced

Drew Foxx made it perfectly clear that he loved to rim, especially guys with bubble-butts. So, we started this video with Drew worshiping Ransom’s amazing ass. Ransom is chill, enjoying the servicing, while Drew just kept getting more and more turned-on.

Then, Drew flipped Ransom on his back and started to work his cock. He gets Ransom from ‘pleasantly plump’ to fully-hard in mere minutes.

They move in to a 69 position, both guys servicing each other’s cocks.

Ransom then switches to sucking Drew’s cock, giving him all of his oral attention. But Drew saw his ass so close, so pulled him to rim his ass some more. Drew is definitely a Top!

Since he seemed so focused on his ass, Ransom flipped onto his stomach while Drew Foxx sat on his back, facing and playing with Ransom’s hole. It was the perfect visual stimulation for him to bust his nut! Sorry if you were hoping for penetration, but some guys just love worshiping an ass!

With cum dripping down Ransom’s hole, Drew lapped up the cum with his tongue. They switched positions, this time Ransom giving Drew an amazing facial!

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