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ChaosMen – 2293 – Jerome & Ricky Roberts Raw

I think this was the best time Jerome had getting fucked. He loves to top a dude, but clearly he was having a great time in this video. Jerome said Ricky’s cock was the perfect size, and also knew how to use it.

Jerome had to push Ricky’s hand away even after only being fucked a few minutes.

Ricky was also having a great time, and yet again, we have a moment where the Top cums a bit too soon.

I left it in as an OutTake in the middle of the video. I don’t think you will find it too disruptive, and since Ricky only shot a little bit, we could start pretty much from where we left off.

They end the video fucking side-by-side, and both guys race to cum. Jerome was hoping to cum first, but Ricky busted before him.

Ricky rushes to get his cock back in, trying to beat going soft, while also trying to keep Jerome at the edge of cumming.

They wiggle around and get his cock back inside of Jerome. And then Jerome has a powerful orgasm!

The chemistry in this video is off-the-hook!