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Carnal Plus – Jalif Studio – Kameron Frost and Marco Martin

Blond, tall dude, Kameron Frost, is the man everyone wants. The handsome twunk leans against a ladder in a Paris loft apartment and pushes down his red shorts to jerk his giant dick. He’s joined by Marco Martin, a cropped-haired scally lad in jeans and sneakers who instantly drops to his knees to hungrily service Kameron’s mega-member. Kameron, fully erect, casually leans back on the ladder, savoring every moment of this note-perfect blowjob.

Marco continues to suck, but periodically breaks away from Kameron’s dick to worship the blond man’s top-of-the-range sneakers. Marco has soon stripped down to a well-fitting jockstrap which frames his bubble butt like an expensive work of art. Marco climbs onto a leather chair and presents his juicy ass to the sexy top. Kameron wastes no time whatsoever and immediately squats down to slide his 9-inch dick deep into Marco’s incredibly tight hole.

Marco winces in agony and Kameron is forced to pull out and try again. Finally inside, the blond guy uses his giant, muscular thighs to power his dick in and out of Marco’s butt, smiling like the horny cat that got the cream. The chair creaks loudly with each brutal thrust. Handsome Kameron is soon in his own world, pumping harder and faster as he drives his dick ever-closer to orgasm.

He pulls out and the two men throw themselves onto the bed, jerking wildly in a state of sexual agitation. Kameron is the first to explode with a canon of thick, juicy cum which forms in a pool on his smooth belly. Seconds later, Marco gasps and grunts as the semen flies impressively from his dick.

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