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BrokeStraightBoys – Richie West Has Charles Owens Dick Inside Him

Charles Owens and Richie West have a nice vibe going together, and their chemistry only becomes more obvious as they get their scene started, kissing and pulling off their clothes as Richie goes down on Charles first.

Richie sucks Charles’s dick as Charles squirms under him before getting off the couch, pulling Richie’s ass forward and burying his face between it. Licking and rimming Richie’s hole, Richie lies back to enjoy the feeling of Charles’s tongue tracing circles around his sensitive hole before Charles stands up and pushes his dick into Richie’s ass!

Fucking him with his raw cock, Charles Owens pounds into Richie nice and hard, pushing against the walls of his ass as Richie moans in pleasure at the feel of being filled up with Charles’s prick.

They try a new position on the couch as Richie lies on his back, legs spread as Charles pushes into him again, stretching that ass to capacity as he fucks him bareback. Richie’s tight little hole is too much for Charles Owens to bear any longer and he pulls out to shoot his load, his cum coating Richie’s chest and abs before Richie jerks his dick and sprays himself with his own hot jizz too!

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