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BrokeStraightBoys – Hard Lessons – Jos Alvarez and Jordan Cruz

We know that Jordan Cruz can be dominant when he wants to be, but lately he has been wanting to try out his submissive side. He tells his friend Jos about it, who is happy to help teach him and leans in for a kiss. Jos starts things off by putting his lips on Jordan’s cock, blowing him slowly.

Jordan loves getting his dick sucked, especially with being blessed by Jos’s skills. They switch off and Jos becomes impressed by the way Jordan goes down on him. “I’ve been practicing, I told you” Jordan states as he continues jamming Jos’s dick deep in his mouth.

Jordan Cruz is tested further when Jos begins rimming him. Having never done it before, we see a look of confusion and pleasure from Jordan. Well if he could be convinced of that, then it won’t be long before he gets fucked of course! Jos attempts to break him in via doggy style, but when Jordan still has a hard time opening up, they switch.

Jordan pounds Jos hard, getting closer to blowing a big load with each hard thrust inside Jos. They flip to missionary, where Jordan can’t get enough ass and fires off a hot load that lands all the way to Jos’s upper chest. Jos may not have learned all his lessons, but he got some great ass!

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