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BoysHalfwayHouse – Incident #205 – Good For One Thing Only – Joey J

We get all kinds of residents, but this one takes the cake. He is stubborn, and thinks this thing is a joke. I’m imagining he has lived the past several years among individuals who live fast and die young — and he sees nothing wrong with this outlook in life. No matter he has been using, he thinks it’so nice, and from Day 1 here he is treating this as some kind of vacation. Inviting fresh “buddies ” above, acting like he’s far better than everyone these kind of behaviors don’t win over residents, and not the House Managers.

It’s clear from his comments and attitude that he is a whore, therefore after his third infraction at a week, I thought “Why not just treat him like you? ” I assumed that he & rsquo; s a good fuck Because he doesn & rsquo; t even have some other ability sets that are obvious. As per usual, I wasn’t even incorrect about it. Good cocksucker, also. I had my thick prick deep within his teenaged hole that I could swear that I could see it in his throat. And because his past customs have given him a slight frame, he had been easy to toss around like a rag doll.

Following some rough deep throating and slapping him around, I stuck my dick in him. I’m not going to lie, it felt amazing. Therefore rsquo & there;s that. However, I’d get the sense that he’s used to being fucked by individuals who really think he’s attractive and a potential spouse (God only knows why somebody would feel that). He hadn’t been slapped around before and treated with disdain, but I have the feeling that he really enjoyed it. He nutted, although not only because he was rock hard the entire time I banged him raw.

I was disappointed that he had been enjoying it, but hell, to all of his own. I got my nut by breeding this little bitch deep. After I got my exercise and left my seed into his cunt, I gave him a few slaps to the face. I doubt he will last another week, but his gap is jerking off, and occasionally it’s great to provide the others; assholes a break. We wouldn’t want everyone being as loose would we?