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Boys Halfway House – Mickey O’Brien & Gideon – Getting Used To The Drill

Our new ginger is a good-natured fellow, but only because he has probably destroyed half of his brain cells. This kid’s hole feels so good that we’ve begun making up stupid excuses to fuck him. His fuck hole legit feels like a pussy it’s so warm and juicy. Me and the newest House Manager walked upstairs to get our dicks wet, where we found him texting on the couch. His lazy, useless friend was napping next to him – which was all the better.

Fuck meat and stoner both complied without complaint, and we had some pretty decent cock sucking going on. To tell you the truth, though, the little one’s blowjob felt like he had a steak knife hidden in his mouth. Once he learns to lay off the teeth, he’ll be a good cocksucker for sure. Ginger, on the other hand, is like a fucking hoover vacuum. I can only imagine the pounds and pounds of rock this dude has traded for sexual favors in the course of his life.

Once I had gotten some excellent dome, I had him ride me. I almost came it felt so good. Then me and my buddy spitroasted him. The little one got some ass-to-mouth treatment while I fucked his friend. The whole episode was great – neither of us had any complaints. At one point I was slam fucking the ginger and he didn’t even cry.

My buddy ended up dumping his load in the little guy’s mouth, and then I fucked the brains out of the ginger until I came in his ass. As my cum came running out of his freshly destroyed hole, the other guy just watched in horror. These guys both are going to be model residents, I can tell.

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