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BoyFun – First Date Fun – Jacques Santana & Allen Brock

Maybe I was just a traditionalist in that regard? Latin twink boys Allen Brock and Jacques Santana are nothing like that, it seems they really don’t want to waste a moment of time and they’re both there for the same reason, so why not fuck on the first date? It might start out innocently enough, with a little friendly smooching to get the ball rolling, but after only a few minutes it becomes clear that the brakes are off and these hard young cocks aren’t gonna quit until those loads are splashing.

It’s a delicious display of dick pleasing oral as the two horny friends trade their boners, taking their time to truly appreciate the hard length of their new friend, tasting the delicious nectar oozing from their tips. The taste of those dicks only makes them hornier, of course, so it won’t come as any surprise to you when a tight little ass is offered and eagerly accepted. Fucked from behind and crammed with inches of thick dick, our twinky bottom moans with delight and strokes his own shaft, finally finishing up on his back with semen erupting from his cock and drenching his smooth and lithe body.

His buddy isn’t far behind with his own copious cum wad, easing his dick right back into that hole and pumping is new buddy a little more before pulling out and erupting up his crack. Something tells me these boys are gonna be dating for a while!