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BoyFun – Casper’s Casual Cum – Casper Ivarsson

It’s fair to say that Casper Ivarsson has a lot of numbers in his phone, he could send a group text and you’d likely hear a stampede as guys rush from around the city to come and enjoy his big uncut cock.

But, even a fit and sexy young man like him who could get some great BoyFun at any time sometimes just loves to chill out on his own and work his own solid dick in some awesome masturbatory pleasure. He’s hanging out alone at home when the need to jack off takes over, but you know it’s not gonna be a ten minute stroke and spurt session with this boy.

No, Casper really likes to take his time when he’s pleasuring his body and cock, slowly revealing his smooth and fit frame, slipping off his pants to reveal his bulging underwear, laying back on the bed and toying with a nipple while he gropes his growing package. The precum is leaking from the tip of his cock as it peeks from the waistband of his cute underwear, but soon his raging cock is revealed in all its magnificent glory, a rigid length of throbbing boymeat in his experienced grip, his balls gently bouncing while his hand slips up and down.

With his underwear finally off and his ass exposed he can explore that too, his legs up in the air while a finger dips into his winking pucker, perhaps imagining a new friend he’s yet to invite to fuck him. Kneeling on the bed and working his tool the boy plays with his churning nuts, his smooth and slightly defined body looking amazing as he takes himself closer and closer to gushing the thick cream from his dick.

Not one to waste a delicious treat, Casper collects his spillage in his hand and licks the fresh goo from his fingers, a great little reward for a job well done.