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BoyFun – Alan Caine – Pleasure Pump

We’ve seen handsome new straight boy Alan Caine in action with a friend already, but today we’ve got a great opportunity to spend some time with the amazingly lean and ripped young man.

He wastes no time showing so smooth, his body and sexy, his abs bulging and his slim hips framing the bulge in his tight little underwear. Since he lays back on the white bed he reaches under the waistband, massaging his cock and cum-laden balls. Ready to show it reveals his lengthy and hooded dick from the side, his boner quickly growing while he pushes his cock into his fist.

It’s not long before his immense cock is fully engorged, the foreskin slipping his balls bouncing with each stroke of his hands along his span that is generous, through the bulbous tip. The twink includes a great deal of cock to play s no wonder that he ’s become to instantly popular! Slipping off his panties the boy will get access a teasing and tight pucker, to his pit.

Having his dick in his hands and a finger onto his pit he savors the pleasure, soon kneeling on the mattress and working his instrument. His incredible cock appears to get tougher while he builds up the orgasmic energy until semen begins to erupt from his round dick tip, pulsating through balls and his taint.

Draining the last of his lotion from his manhood the boy is finally done, and we’re all messy with cum just like he’s.