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Boy River Chapter 4 – The Prize – Boy Spit Roast

Master Steele and I have known each other for quite some time. Running in the same social circles, and now, as fellow buyers, we have a lot more in common. I admire his dedication to his body and his appearance, as well! There are few who project so beautifully the power and control he has over people.

Following his purchase of the boy, River, we were relaxing over a drink in the parlor, reflecting on our recent transactions. River was certainly a great prize to have won, and I admitted that I was a little jealous of my friend’s good fortune. Dallas smiled at me, taking a sip from his drink, and offered to let me try him out!

I didn’t know what to say. It was a very generous offer and it was hard to accept. Masters have a special ownership and claim to their boys and don’t share them very often. For many, being the sole cock the boy is tasked with servicing is part of the thrill of their ownership. But Dallas had a different take on it…

He told me with a devilish grin that his boy was currently locked up in his cage, waiting for him to return and fuck him. And not only that, Dallas told me that he would love to see his boy dominated by another man; put to use by whomever he lent the boy to without question or hesitation.

The offer made my cock leak. Thinking about taking River’s hole was exciting enough, but the idea of sharing him with my friend and colleague was extra special! I finished my drink as Dallas invited me back to his playroom to get my first taste of his toy…

Walking into the dark room, I loved seeing the small boy locked up in his cage! He had the excited look in his eyes that many of my own slaves have had in the past. Eager to be set free, happy to pay the price of servicing my cock to be given that small bit of freedom.

He looked at me through the bars, keenly aware of why I was there. Dallas told him he was going to take care of us both, and just like that, River gave me a look of worship that I didn’t expect. He wasn’t just happy to go along with his master’s command, but he now had permission to embrace me as if I was his master…

Dallas and I took off our pants, pulling out our large cocks as the boy took them into his tiny hands. He seemed completely dwarfed by our shafts, feeling our heavy balls slap against his wrists as he stroked our cocks. One by one, he took them into his mouth, debasing himself and filling his cheeks with our thick meats while we chuckled to each other. We felt like gods, and to River, we were!

When I told him to put both cocks in his mouth, I could see him struggling to make them fit, stretching his mouth open wide, drooling over our manhoods as he tried his best to take them both. It was a fool’s errand, but he didn’t give up… And feeling my wet cock up against Dallas’, I couldn’t wait to go even further! This boy was about to be totally used and filled in every hole, and the look in his watery eyes said he wanted it just as bad..

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