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Boy Fun – Bastian Karim and Martin Hovor

Martin Hovor is feeling a little horny, but you know what it’s like these days for lads looking to get their dick wet, all he needs to do is get on his phone and within moments he’s hot on the trail of a sexy young man looking to give him exactly the kind of BoyFun he needs. When he arrives at Bastian Karim’s apartment there’s no hesitating, the two are on the couch in seconds and greedy Bastian is exploring the young jock’s amazing body and impressive cock bulge.

After a whole lot of making out and grinding on each other the two have removed enough clothes to get down to some awesome sucking. Jock boy Martin has an amazing dick, long and rigid, soon out of his underwear for Bastian to lick and suck. It might be bigger than average but this greedy boy can suck down plenty of those inches, slobbering all over the big uncut tool and playing with those jock balls. His own tanned and slender dick is wet with precum when Martin finally gets a taste of it, taking his turn to bob up and down on the smooth boy’s member. It tastes great, no doubt about it, but Bastian is eager to get back on his friend’s dick and then taste his pucker with some rimming too before leading his guest to the bedroom where the real fun can begin.

Bastian eases his hole down on his new buddy, filling his ass with that bare cock and riding his friend, his snug pucker sliding up and down the solid length while moans of pleasure fill the air. The boy’s balls are already pulling up tight when he’s laying on his side and wanking himself, Martin’s tool pumping in and out of his hole with smooth thrusts. After getting it from behind, kneeling at the edge of the bed, Bastian takes it up against his prostate, fucked on his back and finally unable to stop his load from squirting out of his dick, raining down over his fit body in a shower of exquisite pleasure.

The sight and feel of his new friend launching his load like that quickly has Martin Hovor pulling his cock free, wanking off over his pal and erupting a massive drenching mess right over the boy’s face! Looks like they won’t be needing an app to hook up for more fun in the future.

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