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BeefCake Hunter – Shy engaged Dylan got serviced

Shy engaged Dylan got serviced on a Friday night, after he drove two hours to meet up with me to bust a two-day nut and make some bucks.

Beefcake Dylan works as a waiter in a Mexican Restaurant, and he is trying to save some money for his romantic plans. So, why not get a good hand and head at BeefCakeHunter Land? I don’t think his significant other would mind as long as there is a ring coming, right? ??

Before Shy engaged Dylan got serviced, I tried to engage with him to get to know more of him, but I just learned that he watches porn with his fiancé and that it’s easy to get him to smile, well, good enough, now let’s get to business!

I played with his cock under his pants first, that got his attention, at least visually, because his cock gave me some challenge to get it fully hard to the point of total enjoyment; but that is ok because I know there is a lot of Hunters that love to watch the process of a cock going from zero miles to 120 miles ??

When he started closing his eyes, I knew I was going in the right direction. I used my hands for extra pressure, and then voila! I heard his first moaning, Beefcake Dylan was getting into the “zone”, and that was the perfect timing for some deep throating. He loved that!

He really looked like he could not believe how hard his dick was. Perfect timing for some balls worshiping and playing with his head while staring at him. With the confidence of having in front of me a full erection, I allowed myself to go slow at moments and then go back to wildness. Towards the end I used my head suction technique along with my hands, squeezing out a big load!

I hope you guys enjoy this video Shy engaged Dylan got serviced, thanks for your support and I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy!

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