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Bareback Gay Porn

BarebackThatHole – Check Out – Drew Sebastian and Sir Jet

Big, bald and bad-assed Drew Sebastian is about to check out of his hotel. But before he leaves, he wants to make sure that Sir Jet comes over to suck on his monster cock.

Cut to Sir, on his knees, worshiping Drew’s enormous slab. While Sir sucks his cock, Drew fingers his hole, telling him exactly what he’s going to do, in a gravelly voice that’s sure to get you wet. Drew’s cock is so big Sir can barely take it in his mouth, but he keeps sucking. After a rim job that spoils Sir for anyone else, using only spit for lube, Drew Sebastian works the entire length of his curved, thick slab into the eager whore.

After bareback fucking the muscled bottom, Drew spews all over Sir’s face, who cleans up the hairy hunk. Once he’s savored Drew’s seed, Sir impales himself once more and goes for a ride, eventually stroking out a huge load all over Drew’s belly.

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