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BaitBuddies – Angel Ventura & Jason Wolf

This week, we welcome a fresh lure guy towards the studio who has just discovered that he’s very in to males. Jason Wolf wants to although along with surf surfing, he also began to fantasize about having sex with hot surfer dudes. He’s merely 20 so he’s learning a lot about himself but his urge for penis is getting out of hands. And, that’s the way he wound up here!

Angel Ventura could be the week’s straight guy and he’s hot hunk! Angel is a stud from Venezuela the moment it regards intercourse, and he’s got lots of practical experience. He started out ancient and now he ’s experienced a number of threesomes. Angel is dark, tall, thirty, and handsome, and he’s got a gorgeous thick uncut dick!

Following both girls strip down and get difficult, Gio ways outside to test on on the female ability. To every one ’s the girl can’t create it now … However, as an alternative of no one earning any money, then Caruso throws out the other deal … In case guys will have intercourse together afterward he’ll twice the cash.

Angel hesitates but says he’ll do it for triple the money. Caruso didn’t even desire to let this hunk slide out so he went in advance and agreed to pay him a triple!

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