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BadPuppy – Cayden Solano and Ian Leo

Canadian born Cayden Solano hooks up with Bulgarian born Ian Leo in a very hot scene which we find out is Ian’s very first adult shoot ever. Cayden is a stripper at a local Toronto club and Ian is a bartender who has a very special cocktail he makes for anyone that wants something special. You’ll have to watch the interview to discover the name of that particular drink. Both studs are still clothed at the beginning of the shoot and are on the sofa deeply embroiled in some passionate kissing and mutual groping.

They rip off each other’s shirts and Ian makes a beeline for Cayden’s nipples which he teases with his tongue and teeth. Ian picks Cayden up, throws him onto his back before climbing on top and then gyrates his crotch forcefully into Cayden’s. Each of them gropes at the other’s dicks which are still confined in their clothes. The moment Ian frees his long, uncut cock Cayden wastes no time gobbling up its entire length. Cayden rolls back on the sofa with his legs in the air. Ian takes his fingers, shoves them deep into Cayden’s ass and while Cayden is jacking his rock-hard cock Ian gives Cayden quite the finger-fucking.

Ian Leo drops down and shoves his tongue deep into Cayden’s ass before he moves up to enjoy Cayden’s uncut piece of man-meat. With Cayden all primed and ready for some fucking, Ian mounts Cayden from behind and shoves his dick deep into Cayden’s hole. Ian goes at it like a bunny in heat and soon Cayden is riding in rhythm to Ian’s motion. Things heat up when Ian lies back on the sofa and Cayden sits down on Ian’s cock. After some intense riding Cayden is on his back again, legs in the air and jacking his cock as Ian pounds even faster.

Ian pulls out before they both lose their load and while they are sitting side by side Cayden jacks his cock to a thick creamy finish, coating himself in a flurry of jizz. Ian straddles Cayden’s chest and blows a heavy load of cum into Cayden’s mouth of which Cayden does not waste a single drop.

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