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Anal Toy Relaxation – Dennis Boer

Dennis Boer enjoys lots of things, from running and cycling to meditation and yoga. It certainly all works together to keep him in tip-top shape. We join the sexy young man for one of his meditation sessions, taking time out of his busy schedule to relax, but it’s not long before the boy is having a few horny thoughts.

Masturbation is, of course, one of the best ways for a boy like him to deal with stress, and he certainly knows how to do it. His hands explore his gorgeous young body, the bulge in his shorts growing by the minute as his fingers caress his skin. Moving to a chair he releases his belt and reaches in, revealing the tip of a very hard uncut cock and playing with the bulbous end as precum seeps from the raised little lips. His fingers wrap around the warm shape, enjoying the hardness of his meat as his foreskin slips up over the helmet in rhythmic movements.

With his shorts slipping off his tight little hole is exposed, hairless and wanton. He has the right tool for the job, starting with his fingers and easing his ass open just a little before slipping in a metal plug. He loves the sensation of being full, his cock responds eagerly, a drip of clear nectar soon smeared around his helmet as he continues to focus on his strokes.

The pleasure builds as his hand furiously rubs his shaft, his moans and breathing becoming laboured as semen begins to pump from the little hole in the tip, pouring out over the glans, his foreskin gooey with white juice. That’s how a boy should rela.

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