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AmateursDoIt – Tate and Will Big Dicks Anal Swap – TATE RYDER x WILL WEINER

TATE RYDER and Will are two handsome and horny young amateurs who have met for the first time. Sexy jock Tate is a 20 year old bi while Will is 19, gay, slim and smooth. Tate says he has a 9 inch cut cock, something that seems to arouse the interest of naughty boy Will, who in turn says he’s pretty endowed as well with a 7.5 incher. Both guys are versatile but for today, they’ve agreed that Tate will be the top. The two guys get hot and heavy, kissing and groping in the bathroom. They quickly get naked and enter the shower.

Both are hard now as they get wet and wild. Will kneels before TATE RYDER and takes his beautiful, huge, thick cock into his mouth. Sucking hard and deep, he then turns Tate around and starts rimming him as the water cascades down their hard bodies. Then it’s Tate’s turn to rim Will’s tight, wet hole, getting it ready for some rear action. They step out of the shower and move over to the couch, continuing to kiss and play with each other’s nipples. Will gets on top of Tate and slowly works his way down along his body.

Once again, he sucks Tate’s dEli 2cious cock, expertly working on the head and slowly deep throating him as he lays in ecstasy. Tate takes his turn on top of Will and the two assume the 69 position. TATE RYDER now sucks on Will’s own big and hard boner as Will rims his hole. Finally, they are ready for the main course… Will slides a condom down Tate’s cock and straddles over him. He takes Tate’s cock up his ass as he slides down on it, feEli 2ng the hardness inside. Tate fucks him with long and hard strokes. As the two get hornier, Will decides he wants some ass himself so he puts a condom on and gets behind Tate, who now goes down on all fours. Will fucks him dog style.

Now hornier than ever, he fucks harder and harder until he can’t help himself anymore… and comes inside Tate! He takes off the condom and spills his cum on Tate’s back… Insatiable Tate lies down jerking off, eagerly wanting to come… Will helps out by fucking him with a huge dildo. As he pumps it in, Tate wanks harder and faster… At last, he explodes his jizz all over his body.

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