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Amateur Gay POV – Something Else To Study – Tanner Thomas

When Nick’s college mate, Tanner Thomas, comes over to study for midterms and he’s gone, you give him something else to study – like your hard cock in his mouth and in his not-so-virgin ass.

Soon, Leo rises up to kiss Roman and ask him in a romantic tone to “destroy his throat“. That’s music to Roman’s ears and in no time, he has Leo on his back for some deep face-fucking. At the same time Roman soon leans forward to take care of Leo by eating his ass and sucking his cock. Roman kicks things up a notch by picking up Leo and holding him upside down for a vertical 69. But Roman’s focus turns solely to Leo’s hole. Flipping him on his stomach, Roman eats out his ass and when he’s all spit-lubed he starts to fuck Leo.

It doesn’t take long for Roman to own Leo’s ass, drilling him from behind with a mix of passion & manhandling and Leo shows how he loves fucking himself on Roman’s dick. Flipping Leo on his back, Roma continues to pound him without any barriers. Just as Leo wants, Roman takes charge fucking him in a piledriver and with his cock buried inside him he pulls Leo up to ride him.

Leo rides Roman and takes all his deep upward thrusts and as he grinds his hole, Roman takes care of Leo by stroking his cock. Roman brings him to the edge until Leo takes cock in hand again and shoots his load over his well-muscled bod. Roman is close too and he pulls out to stroke his cock as Leo dismounts and is right there with an open mouth to catch his thick cum eruption. He sucks him dry and Roman is very happy to be the fantasy man Leo wanted.

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