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Adriano Pumps Some Ass (Richie)

One thing you can’t help but notice when seeing Adriano in action is how effortlessly good he is at it. When it comes to having sex and delivering a hot fuck, this handsome stud knows what he’s doing! He reads his partners well, gets fully caught up in the action, and has incredible stamina on top of all that.

The blazing hot fuck Adriano delivers here was clearly what Richie had been needing, and clearly the kind of fuck that turns Richie on. Adriano was both passionate and dominant, that as much as Richie enjoyed Adriano’s big cock drilling his hole he loved it that much more when Adriano wrapped his hand around Richie’s throat while fucking him. As much as Richie enjoyed slurping on Adriano’s thick, uncut cock he loved it even more when Adriano put a hand on the back of his head and started to thrust his cock up in to Richie’s throat. Richie was loving it all so much, in fact, he’s firing off a powerful load fairly early on as Adriano wasn’t anywhere near being done with his hole yet!


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