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Jan Cerny – SPANKING

Jan Cerny – SPANKING

Jan Cerny is blindfold and gagged, with his wrists and ankles tied to the four corners of the sofa that he is sitting on. He is struggling against the ties as Filip Cervenka walks in and starts to slap his well developed chest. Filip moans as the hands land on him. Filip grabs at Jan’s nipples too and pulls on them as he continues slapping him. He then takes a whip and uses in on the chest before applying clothes pins to Jan’s nipples. The whip is swapped out for a belt that is used to hit on that sexy chest. Jan keeps moaning all the while as the whip is brought back into use. The clothes pins are removed and Filip pulls on those nipples again. Then Jan is turned onto his knees, underwear removed, and his naked ass gets spanked as he writhes around. His moaning gets louder as his ass gets nice and red. Filip pulls on Jan’s cock and balls too and then attaches clothes pins to the foreskin and balls. He continues spanking the sexy ass and then uses the whip on it as well. Filip turns his attention to Jan’s feet, slapping them and then tickling them before whipping them as well. He goes back to hitting on that sexy ass again before turning Jan over and removing his blindfold. Jan’s cock seems to be quite hard from all his punishment and Filip slaps at it too. He puts the clothes pin back on the balls and then on the nipples as he torments that big cock too. He then releases one of Jan’s hands so that he can wank himself. He quickly has that cock exploding with creamy cum, dumping it on his left thigh as Filip continues to slap his chest. 


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