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GuyBone – Roy Gardner Tops Stephen Harte

Roy Gardner is one of our super hot bi guys who has that incredibly sexy, chill vibe. You just want to kick back with him and relax… and then have amazing sex. And Stephen, my goodness, did a yummier otter ever exist? Eternally happy to have him back with us and very intrigued to see him in a scene without Damon Andros. The two work so well together, I hadn’t even realized all of Stephen’s scenes with us thus far had costarred the delicious daddy. But how would Stephen perform without his other half of the Dynamic Duo? Fantastically. Fear not, it’s refreshing and ridiculously arousing to see Stephen and Roy Gardner, similar in age and body type, going at it bareback. So arousing, in fact, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage, giving you more fuck for your buck!

Don’t get me wrong, I will watch Damon and Stephen having sex any day of any week. They have an undeniable daddy/boy chemistry. But it’s fun to see how guys’ bodies respond to different touches. Like those from a fellow young buck like Roy Gardner. And he was certainly touching. He started the scene on top of Stephen, massaging his bare back on the bed. Stephen was in the mood for more than just hands, and rolled over to get some of Roy’s wet tongue. Then the clothes fell off, leaving both of them in just their bulging underwear. Roy had red hot boxer briefs on and Stephen wore a black jockstrap. The eager otter nibbled his way down Roy’s furry, toned torso until he’d reached his cock, which he wasted no time rescuing from its fabric prison and wetting with his bearded mouth. Roy’s dick began to swell inside Stephen’s talented mouth. It was so hot watching the sexy otter service his young costar. Roy is sexy shy by nature. Seeing him come out of his shell with Stephen, letting go of some of his inhibitions, was unimaginably hot.

These two looked so fucking perfect together. Roy’s throbbing cock was harder than ever now and Stephen swallowed it down like a good boy. I drooled every time I saw his circumcision line disappear inside Stephen’s mustached lip. Their hairy bodies complimented one another effortlessly. And when Roy became curious about tasting Stephen’s furry asshole, no one stopped him from climbing back there and diving in. It was his first time eating an ass and he was a natural. He spit into Stephen’s dark forrest and munched his way around. Can’t blame the guy for wanting to rim something so beautiful. Stephen went wild, moaning, goosebumps, the works.

He was loving Roy’s able tongue working his now very wet hole. Roy Gardner licked and tongue fucked his way around that tight, fuzzy hole and then he stuck a finger in. Then he rimmed more. Then they made out. Then Stephen sucked his dick again. So much back and forth, giving, receiving, pleasing, being pleasured. While Stephen slobbed Roy’s knob, Roy fingered the otter’s hole. The amount of moaning was fantastic. He was loving having Roy Gardner knuckle deep inside him. He gently teased Roy’s shaft with his hand while the soon to be top had his way with his hole. Roy slowly stroked Stephen’s now rock hard boner as he finger fucked him.

So hot. I think we were all dying for the main attraction at this point, and Stephen made no mistake clueing Roy Gardner in on how badly he needed that dick inside him. They lubed up with SPUNK and Roy slid his stiff rod inside his hairy bottom bareback. It was magical. Their hairy legs banged against each other as Roy pumped feverishly from the onset. He praised Stephen’s tight hole and Stephen returned compliments about Roy’s ever hard erection. I loved the way Roy squeezed Stephen’s cute butt cheeks together around his shaft as he fucked him. It was like he was creating a butt hug for his cock.

Then came the really hard pounding. Holy fuck! Roy absolutely railed Stephen raw. Stephen bellowed and told Roy to “use it” and Roy complied. He held onto his bottom’s hips and screwed himself into Stephen’s ass repeatedly. They both bucked and moaned, loving the feeling of the other guy’s sex. And of course, I was boned up seeing both sets of bare feet tucked together as they screwed. Mmm all those sexy toes and high arches and smooth heels. Fucking hot. They took a small oral intermission and Roy sucked Stephen’s raging hardon. I hadn’t even realized this was the first time Roy had tasted Stephen’s cock. They were too busy earlier with rimming and fingering and Stephen readying Roy for the fucking that we’d never seen this. Roy let Stephen fuck his mouth and I was steel hard all over again every time Stephen’s shroomed cock head popped in and out of Roy’s lips. Stephen wanted to ride Roy next so he sat on the top’s lap and worked his rod into his ass. Roy jerked on Stephen’s dick as they fucked. So hot seeing both boners in action. Roy’s fucking Stephen’s hole. Stephen’s fucking Roy’s fist. Stephen’s hairy hole opened up nicely for hung Roy and he bounced up and down on his bisexual bro boner.

Stephen ached for more cock. He couldn’t ride it hard enough. They worked together in a heated rhythm and I thought they’d both cum several times. But they were just thoroughly enjoying the sex. Roy laid Stephen back and drilled into him on his knees. Stephen beat his meat as Roy’s man hammer beat his boy hole. All their body hair was driving me wild. Such furry guys. Woof! Roy fucked diligently, aiming to please his costar. Stephen was giving him all gold stars. They switched to doggie style and Roy screwed Stephen a little slower, more sensually. Stephen was enjoying it either way, feeling that big, hard dick filling his tight, hairy hole up. His cries were the best. There’s no denying he’s thoroughly fucking loving every second of Roy’s cock inside him. The time to cum had come. Stephen jerked himself off while Roy slammed into his prostate. He shot a huge load across his furry abs and clear up onto his bearded mug. Roy bent over and tasted it, then kissed his costar.

He continued fucking him and followed shortly with his own orgasm. He unloaded inside Stephen, never pulling out. Stephen ordered him to stay there, essentially begging to be bred. Once both sets of big balls had emptied their loads, they shared a sexy laugh and I couldn’t help smile at the wild fireworks display these two had just delivered.

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