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Elder Dobrovnik – Atonement

Elder Dobrovnik lathered up his muscular, long body as he showered off the remaining oils from his skin. His body was still energized from his recent encounter with President Oaks.

Having done as he was asked by the Priesthood and brought Elder Esplin back into the fold, he showed that he was not only loyal and obedient, but that he could serve the broader needs of the Order as well. Shortly after completing this task he was anointed by the strong, skilled hands of the salt and pepper president, feeling him activate every cell on his flesh until he was charged with sensitivity and ecstasy. His soapy hands carefully moved between the cheeks of his firm ass, still pleasantly sore from the hot fucking he’d received.

It was almost a week later when he was informed that his presence had been requested at the temple by President Ballard. The Russian convert had not seen this man since he’d instructed his nephew to fuck Dobrovnik in front of him. Elder Dobrovnik had thoroughly enjoyed the young man’s cock and the pounding he received, but deep down he knew the most exciting part of it was seeing President Ballard’s face light up with pride and satisfaction. Being watched certainly proved to be an unexpected turn on, but more than anything he wanted to give pleasure to the older leader. Once at the temple, Elder Dobrovnik was led into a dark chamber. President Oaks was standing strong and still in the corner of the room. Just in front of him appeared to be a table covered by a black sheet. The look of confusion on his face must have cued President Oaks, who proceed to remove the sheet and reveal a long line of black pegs. Elder Dobrovnik noted that they increased in size, larger and larger, until the biggest one finished just in front of where the gruff looking President Ballard was seated. “It’s a Priesthood Stretcher,” Ballard explained, carefully studying the reaction of the young elder’s face. “Your body is strong, but it is not yet ready.” Elder Dobrovnik understood and wanted to be opened, though looking down the line he was nervous that he may not be able to do all that was asked of him.

The tall elder was directed to undress by President Oaks, who shared with him a quick look of support and encouragement. Dobrovnik was glad he was there. Somehow the president made him feel safer, like a father figure who was there to see him through this challenge. Of course it helped that as soon as he was completely undressed, this sexy daddy began to oil his body, awakening his erection and hunger to serve. “Proceed to the first peg,” boomed President Ballard. President Oaks carefully prepared the black knob with sacred oil and guided the nervous elder to sit. Dobrovnik took a deep breath and felt the strange object push open the tight walls of his sphincter, delicately filling him until his soft ass made contact with the dark wooden table.

He couldn’t help but touch his cock, now harder than the surface upon which he sat. Not only did the peg feel amazing inside his hole, he was incredibly turned on to have the eyes of President Oaks and Ballard locked on his every move. Just as he felt comfortable, the bearded leader’s voice boomed, “Proceed to the next peg.” He slowly dismounted from the first knob as President Oaks prepared the next one. It was slightly bigger than the first, making him slightly nervous. Nevertheless his own ambition to continue and the supportive guidance of President Oaks gave him the courage to take his place on the next one. Once he got to the third peg, he felt the first signs of real struggle. The dark object just barely slipped inside him, causing his body to shake as it narrowly pushed past his sphincter. Sensing this change, President Oaks took his oiled hand to the elder’s cock, stroking it slowly, moving up and down the shaft of his rock hard member.

Elder Dobrovnik moaned and breathed deep as the handsome leader smiled and whispered to him to keep going and keep riding. “All the way up, all the way down… Good boy.” Those last words were enough to completely excite and relieve the boy of his tension and doubt. Just as the encouragement hit his ear, he could feel his ass open in a way he’d not felt before, completely yielding to the size of peg, wrapping around it like a sheath. President Ballard’s eyes focused, excited by the progress of the handsome boy, eager to see him take more and more. Concealing his own erection, President Ballard’s gravelly voice spoke out, “Proceed to the next peg.” Elder Dobrovnik obeyed and moved closer to him.

Soon, President Ballard could no longer contain his desire to truly dominate the young man. He ordered Dobrovnik to turn around, giving him the chance to feel his well-worn hole. He knew his thick daddy dick would only continue to stretch him out. He ran his fingers up and down his ass, readying the young Mormon for his true test. As he studied his backside, Ballard removed his all of clothing, releasing his swollen member from the tight cage of his sacred garments. Bending him over the table of pegs, President Ballard pressed his veiny cock against the searing hot hole of Elder Dobrovnik, feeling him yield to his girth and size, taking him in millimeters at a time. As the young man struggled and trembled, the president whispered under his breath, “good boy.” He felt the elder’s tight sphincter open up as he slowly managed to push his thick rod completely inside the eager boy…

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