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Breed It Raw – Raw Cabin Adventures

Breed It Raw – Raw Cabin Adventures

Well its finally here. So many have asked about the Cabin videos and we are going to take the next several weeks to feature some of our footage from up in the mountains. We already saw Wet n Creamy but this one is just as hot. 4 of our top stars in this booty bashing shoot.

Romance, Trap Boyy, Knight and Lil Papi go head to head. Trap and Lil Papi are getting acquainted as this is his first video shoot with Breed It Raw. While learning about the company Lil Papi’s mouth magically falls onto Trap’s dick. Outside taking a lil smoke break Romance and Knight get a nice clear view of what is going on.

Next thang ya know and yes I said “thang” the action heats up. I love when Lil Papi starts spitting out that Spanish. Hondo… yes sir! Lets get it in! LEGGO!


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