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BeefCakeHunter – Sergio Pounded Me Good

Sergio pounded me good, and to be honest, better than I expected. There is something about Sergio that drives me crazy, it may be his voice, his easiness, his slim body, or his scent.

Yeah, Beefcake Sergio has a very nice man scent in his skin, and it gets more prominent around his sexual parts…hmmm… We all know that he is not receiving the proper oral attention, not to mention anal sex, so we got here another virgin in that department. After we started chatting (and this time we shot in a better location), I could notice that he was really intrigued, and willing to have his first anal experience. He was expecting to feel that he was fucking a virgin lol…yeah right, a virgin, me? I totally forgot to ask him about that at the end!

Anyways, having that conversation, then watching his cock get REAL hard, was not like the first time, when it took me longer to get him in the zone. I went nuts, and I didn’t waste any time in putting my lips around his delicious cock. I really got passionate about beefcake Sergio’s cock and body, you can tell how I felt in this video. After that, I persuaded him to let me ride his tool, and then I went nuts again! I got a little bit out of control, sorry lol…Then, I got on my fourths to see if I could conduct him to hit it, and yes, that was when Sergio pounded me real good, and like I mentioned before, better than I expected! Since his cock was still hard, I dared to do another position, to finally jerk him off with my fingers on the tip of his cock, and make him feel a long-lasting sensation, and finally a nicely done cum, followed by a soft blowjob to his sensitive penis, and when I heard him say “Oh yeah!”, I knew I had done it right! I hope that his first anal experience was good, so that he comes back for more, and if I am not around, I’m sure another Hunter will take good care of sexy Sergio right?! Enjoy this video, when Sergio pounded me good!

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