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Bait Buddies – Jay Alexander and Mike M

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve seen Jay Alexander but he’s back and ready to explore a little more. He’s been playing around with his girlfriend’s dildo that he found in her nightstand drawer. After he had his first gay encounter he’s become more open minded and curious about sticking something up his ass. Caruso did tell him that if he came back that he would have to get fucked! So, here he sits waiting for the real thing!

Caruso brings in Mike and introduces him to Jay. Jay’s face lights up as he stares at the guy who’s about to pop his man cherry! Mike is from New Jersey and says he loves to fuck so he figured he’d give porn a try so he could get paid for what he loves to do. Mike is hot! He’s 6′ tall, 170 pounds, smooth dark skin, brown eyes, black hair, and a fat 7.5” cock! Both guys work out so their bodies are rock hard and ripped and their asses are just a solid!

Caruso comes back and unfortunately he has bad news. Sorry guys but the girl can’t make it. Mike immediately reaches for his clothes before Caruso stops him to make another offer. “What if I could double your money?” Caruso asks? “I’d be very happy” replies Mike. Then Caruso drops the bomb that he would have to have sex with Jay Alexander. Within an instant Mike’s cock goes soft. Surprisingly he says “I’ll give it a try”. With that Jay reaches over and starts stroking Mike’s cock. It isn’t long before he’s hard again so Jay jumps over and shoves Mike’s dick down his throat. You can see from the expressions on Mike’s face that he’s REALLY enjoying this. Jay has really improved his skills since the last time he was here. Maybe he’s been practicing sucking cock on his girl’s dildo as well… To be fair, Mike decides to return the favor and takes Jay’s dick in his mouth. You can tell he’s new to this but with a little coaching, he’ll be a pro in no time! Both guys stand up and start rubbing their cocks together or as Caruso calls it “sword play action!” Jay Alexander can’t seem to keep his hands off Mike and starts caressing his muscles before leaning in for a kiss. What was a simple kiss turned into a full on make out session! Caruso decides to break it up so we can move on to some penetration! Jay’s first real cock!

Mike puts on a condom and lubes up. Jay Alexander jumps on and slowly slides down Mike’s dick. Once he realizes that it isn’t so bad, he starts to bounce up and down. Mike grabs Jay’s ass and starts sliding him up and down even harder before throwing him on his back and fucking the cum out of him. Mike can’t hold back any longer either so he pulls out and shoots a huge hot load all over Jay’s smooth brown chest! Well done guys, well done!

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