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Apollo and Saint

It’s been several weeks since Apollo shocked his fans all over the world by finally GIVING UP HIS ASS for the VERY FIRST TIME.

And while it was definitely HOT seeing that sweet cherry get popped and stretched open by Ross’ huge dick, there were understandable limitations to what an inexperienced straight “top” like Ross was able to do, and like many of BBA’s viewers, I found myself hoping that Apollo might try it again and maybe even take things FURTHER next time!

Hard as it is to believe, it’s been almost a FULL YEAR since Apollo and Saint first met up to make an unforgettable scene that earned a spot on my personal list of the Top Ten scenes from last year thanks to their natural chemistry and eagerness to please their gay fans. So I couldn’t wait to get these sexy straight ex-Army guys back together again and give a more confident “gay for pay” veteran like Saint first dibs on thoroughly “breaking in” Apollo’s tight, near-virgin ass!

Saint admits that he was “hella jealous” when he first heard the news about Apollo giving up his cakes to a BBA model other than him, since getting his dick up inside that perfect bubble-ass is something he’s made no secret of wanting to do ever since their first scene together.

“Well, we’re here now,” Apollo reassures him with a seductive smile. “I can make it up to you!”

See for yourself what went down when these two sexy fan favorites were finally reunited for the first time in almost a year….

In addition to finding out for himself just how much Apollo’s skills have evolved and expanded when it comes to things like tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating (this is Apollo’s first time tasting Saint’s ass), Saint also finally gets to sample the “forbidden fruit” for himself and bury his thick, hard dick – RAW! – deep inside Apollo’s flawless muscle-butt!

Saint tries his best to be patient and gentle at first, knowing this is only Apollo’s SECOND time trying to take another man’s dick. But it isn’t long before he gets so caught up in the moment that he’s grabbing Apollo by the hips and aggressively POUNDING his conquered straight co-star’s ass WITHOUT MERCY while the entire world watches!

It’s Apollo like we’ve NEVER seen him before, noisily cursing and yelling and moaning in his deep, sexy voice as Saint greedily plunges his thick, RAW dick in and out of Apollo’s previously untouched insides – something most of us seriously doubted we’d ever see happen when Apollo made his amateur porn debut almost exactly one year ago!

But once again, we’re proud to prove the old saying that “ONE MAN’S TOP IS ANOTHER MAN’S BOTTOM”!


Enjoy these NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN outtakes from Apollo’s unforgettable encounter with Saint earlier this year.

Those of you who’ve been requesting more freaky foot fetish action won’t want to miss the sloppy-wet FEET-LICKING and TOE-SUCKING here.

There are also several other hot clips that provide an entertaining look at some of the conversations, humor, and action that didn’t make it into the edited version.

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